When did ‘crazy’ become normal?

I’ve been asked why I’ve not been posting much these past few months.  Reason is, I have nothing nice to say about much these days.

The world sucks.   Each day I find myself getting wound up about something.

In the UK.. there are now footpath’s dedicated to people using their mobile phones.  The phone zombies can walk along in a world of their own and not worry about holding others up or bumping into people.   Assholes.  

The only good thing I see in that – is that robbers on motorcycles now have the ideal place to go and snatch phones.  Good.

Over in America…. everyone seems to think ‘Gender Neutral’ is a real thing.  Well let me tell you..  it’s not.  You are either male or female.  End of.  That’s like me saying I don’t want to be known as border-line midget.. I want to now be called a tall person.

And what the fook is it with Thai’s and their fashions?   I am still yet to understand the teeth braces girls wear ‘for fashion’.   When was this a good look?  I remember being at school and making fun out of all the ‘cheese grater faces’.    Do women (and men) think this is attractive?   What is wrong with this world?

But this one makes me really mad.   Girls wearing Glasses with clear lenses because it’s fashionable.  I don’t get it?  I thought glasses are an aid to help people see.?   

One girl I saw, was wearing a pair which didn’t even have clear lenses?!  WTF?

Again, at school.. we’d go pick on ‘four-eyes Edwards’ just because of his face furniture.  And now it’s a fashion?   What’s next,  are we going to start wheeling around in wheel-chairs – before going for a jog?    Why not get ourselves a guide dog even though we can see. Don’t stop there, let’s all head to the hospital and get some Chemo… as we don’t need that either.
I could go on.. but I get mad.  The world is a fucked up place right now.  

People are idiots.

If ever there is a plan to send people to Mars – but it’s only a one way ticket – then put my name down.  I have only 1 condition though……..

I’d like to go on my own. please.