It’s been a month….

Wow!  A month has passed. Times flies when you’re having fun. Not been posting anything as, well, I just can’t be arsed. So what’s been going on then?   Well, not too much. 

A few times a year Miss Tim and I head to the UK to shop, eat and drink.   Turns out that it’s cheaper drinking in the UK now than it is in Thailand.  Lots of things are cheaper in the UK than Thailand these days.  Gloss over the expensive flights – but it’s probably cheaper to spend time in the UK than HH.

When I fly on my own.. I hate it. Everything and everyone pisses me off at the airport or on the plane. Miss Tim calms me down and the flight is fun, and we laugh a lot.    Food isn’t bad either.  Whatever it was?

The food in the UK is great.  I am not talking ‘Fish n Chips’  – but Chinese, Indian, Italian and of course Doner Kebabs.

A few minutes walk from my place is a bar which offers 2 for 1 cocktails.  Can’t turn that down right?

After a few hours on the cocktails – we’re ready for food.  There is so much available in the City that we have a tough time choosing.      

Although, when drunk, the only food worth tucking into is a Doner Kebab.  It has to be done.

After a night’s drinking and eating… it we head out each morning before the sun comes up and walk through the city.  We love the peace and quite of the early mornings.  

A few weeks of abusing ourselves, eating, drinking and shopping too much – it was time to head back to Thailand, stopping off in Bangkok for a few days before returning to Hua Hin.

I like the UK more and more these days.  It’s a pity the weather was crap – as we would have liked to take the bikes and cars out – and drive on roads without the fear of imminent death or kamikaze bikers nosediving towards us.

All in all.. a good time was had.  Looking forward to my next trip back.

1st Day back in Thailand – and a few days in Bangkok was on the agenda. 

 Miss Tim wanted some (Thai) food, so we headed to an old fave ‘Have a Zeed’ in T21.

The problem is – not matter what time of day, there is a queue out the door.  So much so now, they have seating, tickets, a screen and a speaker to call you when your table is ready!

One you’re in, the food comes as and when it’s ready. There was a 10 minute gap between us getting our meals.   Yes, the food is good, but I am over it.  The restaurant is rammed full of Chinese people.  There must be some Chinese trip adviser that had this place as the no.1 place to go.   Not that it’s a problem… but have you ever sat next to a hungry Chinese man with a bowl of noodles?  Say no more.

A night out on the town (soi 4) – it’s hard to find a bar that I like much.  There are maybe 3?

Opposite the Raj Hotel Carpark is a nice-looking bar called Red Zone.  It’s clean and the few staff are really good.  It is a great location, great for people watching and oddly enough – empty?

The only problem is…. The people that do seem to enter – are from the middle east.  I’ll let you guess which country.   As soon as they spot the pool table, they ask if it’s free.  They then ask for the cheapest drink on the menu to share between 4 of them.   That’s my cue to leave.   Peasants.

If I were a bar owner, I’d hoof them out.  Then again, I’d hoof most people out.  Balloon chasers, happy hour hunters, leaches and plain cheap fucking arseholes (you know who you are) – the lot of them. 

When I think back to the Mango days, I can’t help but think of all the cheap bastards that were lurking around.  Didn’t notice at the time as I was enjoying myself.  But looking back, jeeez…..

Speaking of peasants…. 

That reminds me.. the Indian Lounge & Club on the top floor of the building opposite has now closed down.. . wonder why?

Fancy a spot of people watching?    The little corner bar next to what was once Liquid, opposite Blanket and Bean.. great place to watch the weird world go by.   Just how tall is this dude?  Surely the girls must run when they see him approaching and licking his lips

A few days in Bangkok was o.k. Any longer and I’d go nuts. Soi 4 is just like a street in the Middle East now. Lots of smelly, hairy people in groups, dragging their flip-flops along the ground.

Can’t say I care for the place or the people.

Next off to Hua Hin.. I am starting to like Hua Hin more these days, that’s because it’s nothing like Bangkok.

More later.

3 thoughts on “It’s been a month….”

  1. I’ve given up on Bangkok as well Graham. From now on it will be a one day stopover before heading onto pastures new. In saying that I took your advice and went to The Red Zone and I’d give that a thumbs up if you ever did find yourself on Soi 4.

  2. It’s odd. I have found a few little bars that I like now. You’re probably never going to find a bar that you want to stay in all night, but there are enough bars that can hold my interest for an hour or so.

    I have a little ‘circuit’ I go on in HH most night… each bar is entertaining for me. As long as I am entertained, I am not a grumpy little miserable bastard!

    1. I can’t be bothered with Bangkok or HH to be honest Graham. Bangkok has probably seen the last of me apart from transiting through. HH was always my base but from now on it will be Pattaya. I think it’s got everything. Good food, hotels, shopping, cinema and eclectic bars or GoGo if that’s your thing. Cheaper when compared to HH and Bangers as well. Maybe a Ferry over to HH for a couple of days but that’s about it.

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