Happy New Year!

What’s been going on this past year?


I’ve had several trips to Bangers this year – and none have been too exciting.  It’s not like I sat in my hotel room watching TV either.  I went out and did the usual bar crawls.  It just wasn’t as fun as it used to be.

My soi 4 hangout is split between Big Dogs and ‘Cool Beer’ bar.   Cool Beer is a good place late at night, perched at the counter looking out into the street.  There is a live band at night which are so bad, they’re entertaining.  They murder every song, which means you feel the urge to start singing yourself (when  drunk).  It can be a good laugh.  I did have a fall out with a staff member who was hassling me for drinks.  I bought a few before asking what she was actually drinking and how much it cost.  She was drinking a little glass of apple juice at 250bht a time!  She even had the cheek to ask for a tip!   So Big Dogs was then favored.

Big Dogs has always been one of my go-to bars since I first came to Bangkok back in the day.  it’s latest version is the best it’s been I think.  Get a good table and you are entertained for hours just by watching what goes on.


It may just be me, but it just doesn’t feel like fun anymore.  There is no ‘buzz’ around the place.  When the Rats and I are skulking around, we are constantly scratching our heads on which bar to go to.  There was a time when we all had bars we wanted to visit in the night and struggled to fit them all in. These days, we struggle to find 2 or 3 bars we want to be in.

Last month GM and I visited the QPP before it gets torn down.  It’s a sorry state – but then always has been.  It’s rare we ever went further than the 2 or 3 bars at the front.  Only the hardened dirty old bastards would venture further inside and not be disappointed.  Not for me.

Cowboy – not too many visits for me this past year.   This new (young) crowd of girls are just not as fun as the girls from years ago.  The people walking up and down the soi have also changed.  Lots of middle/far east – which I have no desire to be around.

BKK Airport / Tourists  – I fly a lot.  40 flights per year minimum.   Which means hanging around in airports a lot.   There is a new breed of traveler.  I call them ‘the fucking arseholes’.   These arseholes are also found in coffee shops and some restaurants too.  These arseholes are the people that make calls on their phone – using the loud speaker.  WTF?   WHY?  Why do they feel the need to share their conversation with everyone else near by?   

Ignorant fucking arseholes.     Likewise, these arseholes that watch youtube/Faceache videos with the volume turned up.  I think it should be allowable that anyone who gets annoyed by this can punch these people in the face and stamp on their phone.  Arseholes.

I had a recent experience where I was on a plane – sitting next to some Chinese lad.  He was watching some noisy crap on his phone… which I could hear even thought I had headphones on, listening to music.   As it would be frowned upon if I were to smash his face into his tiny screen – I just scowled at him and told him to shut the fuck up.     Which he did.      A few hours later – food was served.  If I thought his phone was loud,  that was nothing compared to the noise he made when SUCKING his food from the bowl into his mouth.  Pig.    Is it just me, or is this world a horrible place?

Hua Hin – I was looking to move again.. but just couldn’t be arsed.   I’ll get Miss Tim on the case again soon.  Just recently a French family moved in opposite us – with 3 feral kids – whom shout instead of talk,  sit in the parents car and hit the horn through out the day, draw shite pictures on the road….   out side everyone’s house  (which I hose down when I come home at night) and generally just run around making a nuisance of themselves.  Again, I am not allowed to go over there and throw dog poo at them until they leave, so I’ll have to find somewhere else to live.

I still plan to move back to the UK at some point, I am just too lazy at the moment.  Plus, Miss Tim’s family is very much a part of her life, so we stick around for now.  

I do like HH though.  I’ve a nice place on the beach where we like to take lunch and watch all the kite-surfers fall in the water.   We know a few bars/staff which ensures we have a good sociable night out and there so many restaurants we like, that we eat out 6 nights per week.   The 1 night a week we eat at home, is when Miss Tim makes Spag bol.   No matter which (Italian) restaurant we go to, Spag bol is a load of spaghetti and little spoon of bolognese.    I much prefer a huuuuge dollop of meat on the top.

The driving standards have not improved at all – but my awareness of how rubbish they are has improved.   I drive very defensively and expect someone to pull out of every side road there is on my route.    I am constantly frustrated by arseholes riding bikes which have no working lights.  How much is a bulb for fuck sake?   And now I see an increase of arseholes riding bikes whilst using a phone (texting).      I heard on the HH Radio News this morning that nearly 200 people died on the road in the 1st two days of the holidays.  I am not surprised.

Apart from all that.. I’ve had fun!   Quite a few trips back to the UK for me.   Each visit has been really good.  I added some more cars and bikes to my collection – which I am looking forward to playing with at some point in the future. 

My Route 66 Tour went out of the window when I failed to get my US Visa due to the inefficient useless twats at the US Embassy in London.   I spat my dummy out and walked out of the place after waiting 6 hours after my appointment. 

So what’s in store for 2020?   More of the same I guess?   I’ll still be in Thailand, shouting and screaming at everyone who pisses me off.    Some UK visits planned – and a UK/Ireland Bike Tour in the summer with some pals.  I want (must) get back to Manila to see the lads too.
Another Barcelona and South of France visit is also planned.  Lots to do… little time to do it.

So that’s me.  Another year of being a miserable old bastard and looking forward to another year being miserable.

Hoping you lot had a great year – and have a great year going forward!

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

    1. Happy New Year matey! I think for 2020… we’ll look for another house in HH. And you just know how much I love dealing with Thai Real Estate Agents….

  1. HNY 2020!

    You ask “ Is it just me, or is this world a horrible place?” – nope, that’s just china. Mainland china. They are like that. Throw him them out the airlock.
    (This one’s right)

  2. Happy New Year Graham! From one old man to another, take it easy and all the best for you and your family! So, when’s the next pub crawl?

  3. “There is a new breed of traveler. I call them ‘the fucking arseholes’.”

    LOL, Graham – so you’ve noticed as well!

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