The end of the world as we know it…..

It’s been a while since I posted on here I know.  The last time I was on here the world was normal.  Well, as normal as we’ve known it.

Now it’s all gone to shit.  I am not going to harp on about it.  Deal with it.

I went to work in Feb  – and the world got sick.  I stayed at work for a few months and then last week left my cushy little bubble and went to the UK, which is where I am now.   

Lock down?  Fucking love it.   Walking down the road and people get out of your way?  – Love it.   Went to the Supermarket which had reduced people inside and again.. every got out of the way.  Brilliant.     I have been Social Distancing back in the days when it was called plain ‘anti-social’.

Like many people – I am working from home.  I’ve got a nice little office set up in my Riverside Apartment.    The Supermarket is a 5 min walk and I am allowed out for an hour a day for a bit of exercise and fresh air.  

I never really took advantage of where I live.   In the last week I’ve been out and about and took notice.  It’s really quite nice.

So this is my life for the foreseeable future.  Nothing happening.

Back in Thailand Miss Tim is also self-isolating with only online shopping and the cats to entertain her.

Who knows when I can get back into Thailand?  Will it be this year? 

Like I said, the world is sick.  We all have to take measures.  Get on with it.  For all those people who are bitching and moaning about having to sit at home and watch tv all day – please give yourselves a slap.  These are the same people that bitch and moan that they work so hard and deserve time off.   Wankers.

Now that the lockdown has been adjusted slightly so we can now travel somewhere for a little exercise or sit down in a park,  that means I can get the cars and bikes out.  Not much traffic on the roads… perfect!

You’ve all seen the websites predicting what life will be like in Thailand when this is over, but I take that with a pinch of salt as no one has any idea what’s going to happen next.   Best off keeping quiet and see how it plays out.

My only prediction is that you’ll see the smaller little old farrang owned bars pop up.  Crap buildings, low rent, cheap décor and hungry staff.   

Can’t rely on the international sexpats visiting anymore.  No longer is a bit of chrome and neon going attract punters.    The only people going to the bars will be the hardcore punters who go for a drink with their pals, play with the girls and don’t care if a cockroach walks across the bar.  

But that’s just my opinion.  Means nothing.

Until I can get back to Thailand – or come across something interesting to share.. I shall stay on lockdown….  Away from all the diseased people out there….

I suggest you lot do the same!

2 thoughts on “The end of the world as we know it…..”

  1. Hi Graham. Glad to hear that you are alive and well and still as grumpy as ever. Sorry to hear about your 6000 mile social distancing with Miss Tim. That sounds a real bummer.

  2. Yup Graham, glad to hear that things are going as well as can be expected!

    Was generally going to Thailand 10x a year or so on business. Remains to be seen if that will continue or if my company will like the cost savings seen by me doing things remotely.

    Take care

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