Keep us in lockdown… please!

Looks like the lockdown is slowly being relaxed (in the UK).

Is it wrong of me to say that I enjoyed every moment of it?

I am loving it.  Peace and quiet in the streets.  Everyone gets out of your way when you go to the shops.  I can sit and work in my underpants which I’ve been wearing for a week and no longer need to shave.   What’s not to like?

o.k.. maybe I exaggerate a little.  I still shave.

Many people have contacted me – asking me how I am coping being on my own.  I just have to reply that I am my best company.  If I were in prison, I’d be asking for solitary confinement.   I can do it standing on my head.

This is the longest I have spent in my Apartment in the UK.  Usually I am here for a week or two – every 6 months.  I’ve now been here 2 months and loving it.

Literally 30 seconds from my front door is a river.  Each day I walk along the Riverside – having never really noticed it all these years.   I’ve now an appreciation for where I live.

I’ve lived in worse places…..

I’ve also had chance to ride/drive vehicles that I’ve not used in YEARS.  I am a bit of a petrol-head and have a bit of a collection in the garage.   Now is the time to dig them out and go for a blast.

So every few days I’d swap out a car or bike and go for a little drive/ride.   Problem is, with an old car/bikes comes great responsibilities.

Driving around in an old Lotus, I couldn’t help but think it would break down at any moment.  I can’t say that getting in and out of it is very flattering either.  Should you make noises getting in a car? Likewise with my old Ducati.   No… this is not the fun I was wanting.

So out with the old and in with the new.   Old cars/bikes returned to the back of the garage and off I went to find some on-line ‘lock-down’ bargains.

With everyone in lock-down and not spending money,  showrooms closed and only doing on-line business, there are many cars/bikes sitting in showrooms.

Now, I am not an asshole and want to take advantage of struggling companies – but if they are offering good deals… who am I to ignore them?

First up was a little BMW Adventure bike.   Love the looks, size handling.  Hate the performance.  It’s crap.   It’s o.k for going to pick up some takeaway food, but not much else.  I need power.   Had I tried this before buying, I’d have walked away.  That’s the risk with buying unseen/tried online.   Lives and learns.

Thought it would be great…. turned out to be shyte!

Luckily I got it at great discount.

Next up was a rather striking Z4.  Sitting in the showroom.. no one buying.   I called them up and asked for their best price to buy it immediately.   No more advertising it.  No hassle of arranging finance for someone,  no having to wait for lockdown restrictions to be lifted to show it to someone.    You can shift it right now with minimum effort.

The deal was done and I picked it up a day later – after they had completed their pre-delivery check things.  

This one is a bit of a beast.  Really pleased with it.   Bit of an impulse buy if I am honest, but pleased I bought it.  Unseen, no test-drive… bit of a gamble but sometimes you have to take a chance.

Gets me from A to B…..

So that’s pretty much what I have been upto during lock-down.    Spending time on my vehicles.. and exploring my local neighborhood.  

I am not even bored.

I was thinking of moving back to Dubai to wait it out until I can get back into Thailand – but as the UK Summer is almost breaking through the clouds.. I am thinking the UK isn’t such a bad place to be right now.

Once Miss Tim is allowed to leave Thailand… she’ll come join me.

My intention was to always return to the UK.  Maybe the time is now right?