Still no Thailand for me….

The World is still fooked.   I can’t get home to Thailand,    I can’t get to my place of work, I can’t be in a group of more than 6 and I can’t get married.

What can I do?   Well,  I’ve been taking this ‘down-time’ to enjoy the UK.   I’ve not spent 3 consecutive months in the UK in over 20 years.    I quite enjoyed it.   I got to drive my cars and ride my bikes.   I realised that some vehicles I have had so long and never used – are in fact a load of shite and therefor I have sold them.    I did take advantage of a BMW dealer discount and got a new car which is so far impressing me.

So there I am….  Riding bikes, driving cars…  hanging out in the UK.    What’s not to like?  Well, for someone like me,  being in the same place for too long tends to give me itchy feet.  

I need to move on, but where?

First I thought of Sweden to see my pal Jonas.  Except Sweden has more lurgy than most, so that’s a no go.     I thought about Spain, but that’s full of dumb Brits who don’t give a fuck about social distancing and think that after 4 months of doing fuck all at home.. they somehow deserve a holiday.  So off they go to Spain to pack themselves onto a beach, and what a surprise, the infection levels have risen.  Twats.

So,  I decided to head down to the South of France.  The Pyrenees Mountains.    I know a woman who knows a woman and arranged a nice little house rental until the end of the year.   I loaded up the car and set off on the 15-hour drive.

I’ve said it before, but the French roads are brilliant.  They would be even better if the crazy twat French drivers were not on them.

Here I am now.   Overlooking the mountains.   In a sleepy little village which is out of the way of the Virus (so far).    Few little restaurants and cafes around but not much else in the way of action. 

In the evenings, I pour myself a glass of wine and relax on the balcony taking in the view.

I’ve not been here a few weeks and have made a bunch of new friends. There is some kind of party going on a few times a week, which is quite fun.

It’s nice here. The people are nice. Time to start thinking about moving down here on a semi-permenant basis maybe?

Unless Sweden opens its borders soon.