I’ll be back…… hopefully soon?!

With the vaccination program underway, travel (although restricted) starting to become possible, I thought I saw a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.  Turns out, it’s more like the headlight of a freight train which looks set on having a wreck.

I could just about smell the hot air as I walk outside Arrivals at Swampy airport.  

I guess that’ll all just have to wait.  Again.

I am sick of people saying ‘oh what a challenging year’ and ‘when will it be over’ blah blah.  Well, if people had followed the rules, stayed at home when asked and stopped licking necks and sneezing over everyone, I am sure we’d not be in this mess still.    But we are where we are because people are dicks.

I will look back at 2020 as being a year where I got have a little ‘me time’.

So what have I been upto when not crawling around the streets of Hua Hin, Bangkok or Dubai?

Well let me share…

Some of you may know, I am a fan of cars and bikes.  I have one or two scattered around the place.  Last year I enrolled in an Automotive Custom Paint course.     (Early days of Covid before lockdown)

It was 14 days of long hours, intensive learning.   From mental/plastic work, welding, sanding, priming, spraying, airbrushing, polishing etc…  lots covered.   I am not going to lie,  it was tough.  I almost threw my petrol tank across the shop and walked out more than once.  The other people on the course (4 of us in total) all gave support to each other when one of us wobbled and contemplated walking.   I stuck it out I am glad to say.

I shall not bore you with all the details.. I’ll just show you a before and after shot of the Fuel tank I worked on.  Yes… all my own work, but did need some help/guidance along the way

Lot’s of prep work….
Soooo many different layers
Easier than it looks….
This took about 4 days – learning the techniques
The final product..

The ‘board’ is the practice or workpiece we produced when working on our techniques and processes.  It’s amazing the results we produced.

I am no art student and certainly no Rolln. Never have been, never going to be. The course was enjoyable after I had completed it and Hell while I was on it.

After that, I popped back to Thailand for a week and then innocently went off to work with my little travel bag.   Little did I know, that was the last time I was to leave Thailand. 

I was in the Middle East when disaster struck.  Eventually we had to leave site and go to a Country that could take us.  Luckily, I have a place in the UK which is where I returned to.

I am a rotational worker, so work a month and then have a month off.   I did a rotation ‘working from home’ which I enjoyed.  I have a nice place in the UK but rarely spend much time there.

In fact, I liked it so much…. I bought the apartment above me which was for sale.  Better views of the river.  Not too shabby for Graham.

As we were on lockdown, business was slow, so I had to wait a while for all legal papers to process. 

While I waited for that – I headed off to the South of France for the Summer.  Again, ‘working from home’.

Back in the UK when France went down the pan further, I moved into my new Apartment and set about the refurb.  It took a lot of time and money – but the end result was great.  It’s certainly a place I was happy to be locked down in.  Looking forward to having some parties there and showing it off.

January saw me head back to work.  The controls in place are amazing.  There is nowhere in the world that I would feel safer.  I can’t begin to explain all the procedures which are in place to keep us safe – not just from COVID, but the baddies of the world too.   Very impressive. 


The UK is doing a great job vaccinating everyone.   I went online and booked my second jab in June.  Hopefully, other Countries will be better shape by them so I can get back track.

My plan is to head back in August.  Assuming Thailand hasn’t gone to shit by then.

Until then, it’s head down… crack on with work and wait for that light at the end of the tunnel to turn into something other than a freight train.

Carry on.

3 thoughts on “I’ll be back…… hopefully soon?!”

  1. Sounds like you didn’t let time go to waste and congrats on the course. The final result looks impressive. I’ve spent most of my time look at salvage rebuilds on Youtube along with a few cute doggie videos. Like you the restrictions haven’t really been hard for me.
    Will we make it to Thailand this year ? I was thinking October but unless Thailand gets it’s act together with the vaccination roll-out then it’s not looking likely . It would be irresponsible to open up without quarantine if they haven’t jabbed their own and I can’t be arsed with doing quarantine. Hopefully see you this year on Bintabaht or Nana this year or next.

    1. Miss Tim tells me there is some kind of ‘model’ planned for October in HH. Foreigners who’ve been (fully) vaccinated will be welcomed into Hua Hin without having to quarantine.

      No doubt you’ll have to provide a negative test before hand – but that’s going to be standard on any flight to anywhere.

      So it looks like I’ll hold off my return until October.

      The place is a ghost town now anyway. With Rainy season not far off, it wouldn’t be much fun sitting at home in the rain anyway!

      Roll on October.

      1. Well here’s hoping for October but I think Thailand is in for some pain in the coming months. Maybe November “high season” if it can still be called that. I hope I’m wrong but next year is a more reasonable guess.

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