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Welcome to Mango Unchained!

This is my Blog.

A place where I bitch and moan about my travels, cultures and the plain stupidity of dumb people I have the miss fortune to have to deal with.

The more I live – the more I have turned into a Grumpy Old Man. 40 is the new 70.

Feel free to join in and send your frustrations to be shared.

Any rants can be e-mailed somehow on this site which my bearded, spaced out Web man didn’t bother showing me.

No smut please.


56 thoughts on “Mango Unchained”

  1. Welcome folks!

    First post coming up in a few days. A few minor tweaks, but it’s all virtually in place.

      1. RainMan – Mango Unchained!!.. Cool name. It was all ‘me’.. so I best buy myself a beer.

        My webman helped out with the font and colors. Pretty cool!

    1. So there is some broke-ass loser goes by the name John Brown. He uses other names on other sites but its all the same drivel. Basically he is a cheap Charlie OLD duffer who negotiate a cheap rate with a girl and then takes them to an even cheaper st hotel. These types of guys are the scum of the earth.

      He is very bitter and twisted about reading other people’s stories that he can only dream of.

      Sad, lonely, cheapass loser.

      Crawl back to your hole.

      1. Graham,

        I am not that cheap and not that old. I just found it humorous you were asking others to avoid smut? On MU.
        I will be in town in late November or early December. Hope to buy the crew a pint or two.

        Cheers, Elgee

        1. Elgee – Cool. There should be a good crowd in the hood in November.

          Looking forward to having you join in.

          As for the Smut.. should have been more specific and said ‘no stories of barebacking ladyboys’.


  2. Graham, where about’s in London are you. Never made to the bar but loved the mango blog. As mentioned before going to Hua Hin and Bangkok in November but if you around in Central London, could meet up for drink. Otherwise hopefully in November.

    1. Currently in Wimbledon. Heading back to Thailand in a few days.

      Just a 4 day stint in the uk this time!

      1. Hey Big G,

        Congrats on the big move to the new site!

        I will miss the old site, but I eagerly look forward to new adventures and words of wisdome from the new.

        If you ever get stuck in the US on a long-term layover on the east coast for some Satan-awful reason, drop me a line. If I am close enough I will show you around. If I am not, I will cringe at your mis-adventures.

    1. BBB is alive and kicking. He hung up his BadBoy gloves and settled down!

      It comes to us all. I don’t think he regrets it.

  3. Happy Birthday MANGO UNCHAINED

    So who is going to kick this off with a good story about where to go with your newly negotiated Teerak? You know i never remember where i take “them”, only where i wake up with a phillips screw driver in my temple… Usually…

  4. Great new site…looking forward to reading this. Is there also a message board/forum attached. Anyway…thanks for the effort.

    And..Speaking of people from the past…Big Baby Kenny and his quality threads?

  5. I see. So BBB is still in Thailand but with a serious lady? Miss his stories.. alas, these old times…

  6. I have no doubt the moderation filter is starting to get busy πŸ™‚

    Good luck with the new site.

  7. My 1st post hehe. Good luck with the new site G. Interested on reading the new content to come.

  8. Thanks for the new site! I would have been bored off my ass at work, not being able to read the trials & tribulations of the Mango-ites.


  9. Away we go again G, looks great and congrats, will get busy with some warm, fuzzy inteligent stories, (sorry Doc, no more fart gags)
    Good to see Bruce on line (BMB), where you wheely bin?
    Sending Lomeo money now πŸ™‚

  10. Congratulations on launching your new blog Graham. We have been mates for some time now and have grown closer this past few years. Great to see you tonight with your friends, as always it is a pleasure.

    As you know, there are millions of blogs worldwide but few are successful, but I am confident you will enjoy your new thriving blog. You have your own following and you are a talented communicator – dare I say you are a smart guy!? (I think the jury may still be out on that one).

    In a way I am sorry to see the Big Mango Blog go, but you have to move on. No point in having a blog about a bar you no longer own, now that would be rather silly don’t you think? The Big Mango as a bar and a blog had some great times and some turbulent times, but it lasted longer than many bars do here in Thailand. Believe me, it is a tough business!

    I wish you and your new blog the best of luck mate. We have always been good friends and I am proud of that. You go for it Graham!

  11. as Bob Hope always closed with “thanks for the memories”
    now its time to create some new ones


  12. Hey Graham, question: Do we have to do anything special to get our gravatard image to work on the MU replies? Thanks, and the new site continues to rock.

    1. Hi debtstar, i have been making a few changes, and your gravator should now work.
      Fast Action Response Team (FART) πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks! I appreciate your Fast Action Response Team! You should let everyone catch wind of your FART so they can make use of your FART in the end. Say, your FART could really take the wind out of Kenny’s sails should he ever dump his opinion on this blog!

        1. DS – my chief FART is pretty good. πŸ™‚

          Kennys site has been abandoned long ago. To leave a site ‘on’ for a free for all is not a demonstration of success. It’s laziness. It was done a long time ago.

          Only now it’s filled with losers talking crap from behind their computers. It’s typical these days of the ‘keyboard warriors’. Usually they’re sad jealous old men. Too old to give a slap!

        2. Doubtful that Kenny will show his face around here – he’s far too much of a scaredy cat for that.

          All that’s left on his site is his solitary comments monologues, attempting to desperately bait us folks back to acknowledging him on his site.

          Fuck the little twerp, is what I say.

  13. Debtstar – I have my Fast Action Response Team (FART) on the case.

    It’s odd… some Gravatars are showing… some are not.

    The query has been sent by courier pigeon and is on its way back to the UK.

  14. Graham,
    Do you remember the pills that the guys like PMMP, Mike, Yp and others were taking to enhance their ejaculations. Some stuff you could get on the local market. Seems like it made you come like a porn star. I have a friend that has a mia noi and three others on the line and the mia noi wants to know why the flow isn’t like it once was. I remember that there is a pill, can’t remember the name.

  15. hello G.i will be sniffing the land of tail in november.have your infidel battle gear at the ready.

  16. @G I enjoy the photos that you have cycling through the site, Graham. Saw J W Marriott a moment ago, thoughts of ‘home’ crossed my mind with that photo.
    Very nicely done feature here, I have not seen it before. The photos are remarkable!!

  17. Rayyar – thanks! I am no photographer, and most of these were taken with my iPhone. They’re all mine though. Snapshots of memories.

    Incidentally, if anyone has some ‘memorable’ pictures to share then please do so.

  18. What’s the ideal size for pictures G, tried to send some of Boracay but where way too big.

  19. Congratulations on the new site. Thank you. However, I am a tad distressed at the ageism already permeating this site. The word ‘old’ has constantly been collocated with ‘sad’, jealous, ‘cheap charlie’ and other pejorative notions. As I am now 60, I am pleased to say I am now ‘taking to places’, not ‘doing to girls’ a third of my age. My approach has always been to wine, dine and not just bar fine. This last year has included three of my best holidays in Thailand in the last 33 years regarding beautiful, young, interesting, sexual skilled girls. There is an old maxim: treat a lady like a whore and a whore like a lady. I have traveled all round Thailand in the company of my temporary partners and it has added to my and hopefully their enjoyment of our times together. So why don’t all you young, middle aged, immature, jealous, arrogant, up your own arse, flip flop wearing, tattooed, cargo pants shorts wearing judgementalists use your imagination and meditate on the fact that you too will age and I hope it is disgracefully not gracelessly. You think we are over the hill but no – we are merely picking up speed and unlike some people here on this blog I am not young enough to know everything! Good luck to everyone. I will be in Thailand in 5 weeks.

    1. That’s exactly how I usually treat my barfines – and they have always treated me very well in return.

      Most peeps, though, sadly don’t understand the benefits of a minor investment of time and money at the beginning, pays tremendous dividends…

      1. Daffy, you have proved yourself to be a gentleman. I think everyone should follow your lead, and be the best they can. I look forward to reading more inspiring quotes from you, about you.

  20. Ha.. well said Lurcher. Please don’t take the age thing the wrong way. People like your good-self are not in the category of ‘sad old men’.
    (I’ve seen you doing exactly what it is I do!)

    I know many a ‘mature’ fellow who has fun and treat the girls right. Just older versions of the younger people doing the same. Hell, I sure as shit plan to be doing that when I am 80.

    No, my beef is with the sad old (bitter) men of Thailand. The guys that are past having fun, no money and take all they can from the girls without giving in return. Be that companionship, friendliness or kindness etc.

    The people who are the cheap saddos know who they are.

    Being in the bar business for a little while, I see plenty. But, as I’ve said before, for every 5 sad old losers I meet, I get to meet some stand up genuine people.

    I’ll be back in Bangkok in about 3 weeks. I feel a session coming on. – usual haunts…… πŸ˜‰

    1. …….and just to follow up on that.

      – you don’t have to be old (college professor) to be a loser. You can be a Young Person. Someone lacking in personality, character, dishonest, cheap and disrespecting of the girls that if we’re honest, it the main reason we landed here.

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