Excuses, excuses by Daywalker

A lot of comments triggered by Saltys post about sinsot/dowry payments. Interesting stuff indeed. Another common subject arose the other day in England when I had some workmen doing some home modifications (just bumping up security incase YP comes to visit) when one of them spotted a book on Thailand. I mentioned that I hang out here quite a bit when one mentioned he had just come back from Thailand a few weeks ago. He had met a girl who he fell in love with and was of course going to be sending money her way from the work they were doing to me. One way or another, my money always seems to filter back to bargirls? Continue reading

A guy walks into a bar… by Daywalker

After a day of throwing up and generally feeling sorry for myself after DWIII I cut a sorry figure at the bar.  Along side me sat my comrade pmmp who gave me sympathy in the format of showing people pictures he took of me with the toilet pan (removed from the toiled) around my neck with me laying in my own piss and vomit.

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Thank-You Eden Club by Daywalker

It’s now 5 years since I first stepped into Thailand.  My friend PRP invited me to Bangkok for a couple of weeks as I was getting bored at my home in Spain.

I wasn’t too keen because Bangkok is full of women who are actually men, girls that look 20 but are really 12 and everyone has AIDS.  Or that’s what I had been told anyway.

I had 3 days on my own to fend for myself in Thailand before PRP arrived.  When he arrived and prised me out of the safe haven of my hotel room (Honey Hotel) he took me to a place called The Eden Club.  First we had a beer at the Ozzy bar opposite and he told me what was going to happen.  I was getting a little scared.

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Pattaya in 12: Join in on the fun: The Follow-Up by Daywalker

“Put your seatbelt on Penfold, and tick off ‘steal a cab’….and tell me, which way to Bangkok”……..

12 Hours earlier…..

We planned the Pattaya trip last week…. Many ‘contributors’ helped come with some tasks that would see us busy for the day (see here).  It was a tight schedule.  Well, tighter than YP’s ring, but that isn’t saying much.

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Lionel by Daywalker

There I was…. At Mango HQ sucking on a vodka. No plans for the night, just sit back and take it easy. Along side me was a guy named… well, lets call him Lionel… Lionel is a kinda regular visitor to Thailand, although from what I can gather, he doesn’t partake in all the usual debauched seedy shit that most people here dabble in. Having said that, he has taken a shine to a particular BG who caters for his every need. Personally, she is not of my taste which did make me wonder if she performed acts so unspeakable that only Austrians would appreciate.

But, that’s his choice. YP chooses Lima Brava’s…. The Heckler rejects hi-so girls… and BBB… well, I’ll leave it there.

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Sukhumvit in 4 by Daywalker

Pattaya in 12?….. no time… how about Sukhumvit in 4?

The night before the party saw me turning away 2 girls at my door.   The next day was to be a big one and I needed to save energy.  These two girls certainly would not have saving energy on their minds… or the environment.    I gave The Heckler direct instructions to step away from the girls… don’t look back.  Head for home…, do not pass Jo, do not give her 200 dollars.

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The contract… by Daywalker

I’ve so far managed to stay out of relationships whilst in Bangers. I may have looked favourable on a certain girl every now and then… but in general, I keep changing them out.

The majority of people I know in BKK have all had their hearts and wallets ripped out, used and abused and cheated on more times than WW has lost his cell phone. It always gives people something to talk about in the bar, so I thought I’d have a go myself. I’ll not bore you with all the details on how I met my little monkey looking girl, but I will say I met her through a friend and we just ended up hanging out. Just to clarify.. When I say we hung out… that’s all we did. We’d have a drink and shoot some pool. Nothing more.

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Newbie comes to visit Daywalker in the Motherland

‘Till Death do us part”… (or until we get bored) was looking like a something said in vein when my big Brother called up and said that he and his wife were splitting. When I mentioned the ‘death till you part’ bit that I heard him proudly say (for the second time) in that little chapel of love 5 years previously, the phone went silent whilst my Bro weighed up the options of burying her in the garden. With good behaviour and parole, he could be out long before the divorce and maintenance payments were finalized….

With most failed relationships, there is a period of time where in that period, you are tempted and maybe even convince yourself that you are doing the wrong thing, and that you should try again. Several things can end this ‘period’. Finding a Nigerian man moving in with her would be one. There are many scenarios to be chosen, but until one ‘moves on’, then you are still very much attached.

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Young Penfold gives it a go!

Early half  of 2007 I was looking for a new apartment and a friend of mine recommended I have a look at his place on a subsoi of suk soi22. I jumped out of a taxi and walked to the reception area where a girl had her back to me filing some stuff away.

Call it cliche but it was almost as if she turned round in slow mo to some camp romance music from a chick flick. 5’6, big piercing brown eyes, huge pouting lips that are ideal for (ill leave that to your imagination) curly flowing funky haircut and 1 of the tightest bodies iv ever seen, especially in her skimpy and slightly relieving office gear. I was in love.

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Ancient profession by On Nutter

It is easy to get an inferiority complex reading this site. While everyone else seems to be arranging threesomes with bisexual Penthouse models, I increasingly find myself trawling the Miracle Mile for a homeless amputee willing to go short time for 1,000 baht. Life isn’t fair.

That set me thinking about whether I had ‒achieved” anything unique among Bangkok’s monger community. Finally, I came up with something that at least I have never read about here: I got laid in an Ayutthaya karaoke bar.

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Rising from the Ashes

Yo folks. pmmp has put up this cool page over on the bigmangobar.com site to keep people up to date on the construction. Keep in mind that there won’t be much progress over Song Kran – just deal with it.

As stated we are shooting for being able to produce some form of a cold beverage by June 1.

My mother and the Indian newbie by On Nutter

Imagine the scene. You are sitting at an outside bar at Nana Plaza with your 72-year-old mother. Outside a nearby go-go bar, service staff in school uniforms take a fag break. Your mother turns to you with a quizzical expression and asks with the innocence of old age: ‒Why are those girls wearing school uniforms?”

It is at such moments that you question your sanity in inviting your mother to spend two months in Thailand and escape the British winter, but I believe I rose to the challenge. ‒They must be on a school trip, mum,” I told her. She nodded in agreement.

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Getting out of dodge :: Rayong

Due to the alcohol closures I decided to get out town for a few days. Plus I was sulking in my least commented post ever and I figured I needed a break from all that Bkk has to offer. You can only drink, pick-up and shag for so many hours a day. I needed to see the beach. For the record – no one goes to Pattaya for the beach. The beaches suck there and Jomtien is not much better. I have been to Hua Hin many times and get tired of the drive. So this time I chose Rayong since I have never been, the bus is super cheap and I heard there is even some nightlife there. 🙂

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Paradise and Hell by Werewolf

I once heard a description of Heaven and Hell. In the description, Heaven was described as being like a big banquet with all the best food and drink available, where you could sit and enjoy eating and drinking to your heart’s content. Hell was described as being the same as heaven, except that you were hungry and you couldn’t eat; all you could do was watch all the people in heaven enjoying themselves.

I would like to suggest that this is an apt description of Bangkok if you live here as a faithful husband.

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