Japan Trip – by MiB

I had no intention of going to Japan. I asked Little Miss Rayong (LMR) if she had some time off work would she like to do something together. I thought she would say something like, Go to Siam Paragon shopping. Or at the very worst she would want to go to Phuket. But no she said Japan. Continue reading

A Sober Day in Bangkok… Almost – by MiB

I’m fortunate enough to have a well paying job. I’m also fortunate to work for a company that pays for most of my daily living expenses while I’m at work. International travel, accommodation, food and even train and taxi tickets. So for 6-8 months of the year all I have to do is buy a couple bottles of shampoo, some toothpaste and the odd cake of soap.

However this means when I do get time off in the real world I do like to let rip, getting smashed off my face in 3-4 different countries isn’t out of the question. However today was going to be different. Today would be a day of no alcohol in Bkk. I feel keeping busy would be the key to success. Continue reading