soi 4, ladyboy staffing ratios and the new and improved Big Mango – by nurseRon

* eds note… wow, nurseRon has the writing bug now!  c’mon chaps, give us your tales!  All submissions greatly received. Hutch and Salty are next in line……*

It was a lazy Thai Tuesday eve around 7ish on Soi 4. Dear and I were to meet up with an old friend later and we still had some time to kill. As we sat drinking San Mig. lights from chilled bottles, yet the contents were at best indifferent, we watched the daily coronations from from our perch in Big dogs. Having had a few laughs as the last of the super stars scurried to take their marks for this nights production of NEP. we observed the early pulls beginning to trickle out escorted by sons of Nihon, with confused expressions of conquest and overloaded fanny packs bulging from what ever the fuck those dudes are toting, we knew it was time to head in or head on….

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Getting away to Koh Chang by nurseRon

– editors note.  Thanks to nurseRon for his 1st reader submission!

As I’m a bit long winded and lack a proper editor, this comprehensive piece will be presented in finger food sized chunks! If you like quiet (Betty Ford clinic kinda quiet), beautiful, semi-untamed tropical Islands with beaches and outstanding seafood, top notch accommodations at very reasonable rates, read on……

I’m  on my 5th trip to Koh Chang and continue to find it a relaxing and entertaining adventure each time.  I go because the city wears me down after a week or so. As I get older the constant bombardment of stimuli, filth and scumbags lurking around Bangkok taxes my senses so, that I need a holiday from my holiday!  If you thrive on high energy and enjoy the never ending supply of ambient noise and pollution on offer in Bangers,  this will most likely bore you to tears!   That said lets figure out how to get off the Monger district and onto my favorite little retreat… Continue reading