Just an average week – Part 2 – by ROLLN

Part 1

There was dinner plans. But why?  Fuck dinner lets gets some whores!  I ran over to AW.  It’s a bachelor party; we need to get this guy on stage right?  I talk to the manager and tell her a group is coming and we want to get this dude on stage for a traditional ridiculing.  My boys don’t show up for a quite a while passed show time.  But they eventually roll in about 15 deep and a show gets going.  You know what happens in the show, no need to explain that.  But while I’m waiting, one of the girls I know “Nooky” comes over.  Tells me she really wants to go with me but she’s with this guy.  She points over to a large group of US Navy guys.  Whatever.  I said, you don’t want me tonight because I want many girls at the same time and that’s not your thing.  She says “my friend can go with us tonight, my sister, but promise you use condom with her.”  Her friend comes over, actually looks like her sister, but obviously it wasn’t. The two of them lean in and give me a long 3-way tongue kiss and then I agreed to take them both. I should have known this would end up in drama, why? Because Nooky has busted out in tears on me a few times in the past. She has feelings. This threesome is destined for failure. Continue reading

Just an average week – Part 1- By ROLLN

Another Roller-Coaster ride from the legend we know as ROLLN.  For those who may not believe some of this, like they don’t believe YP’s tales,  trust me, these guys leave a lot of stuff out!admin.

Week two gets its start. (What the hell happened to week 1?-ed.) I go to Pattaya with some friends that are working a venue for a few days. I drop vit A during the car ride, and I can’t wait to arrive so I’m going nuts in the car. I hit up Alcatraz go-go. Soon as I get there, one of my best buddies (who is not here) regular girls comes to sit with me. She is hot but out of the countless whores my friend bangs that he won’t care about, I know him well enough to know this one will irritate him. She asks if I can pay her barfine so she can go dance with us later. I don’t have a problem with that. She has scouted girls for me on a previous mission. I wish someone would have stopped me. This ended up being a dumb ass idea. For the rest of the night she put out a weird (he’s mine bitch) vibe and it was pushing girls away instead of pulling them in. I got totally tossed on alcohol and tramadol. Ended up back at our rooms calling the local African at 5am but it doesn’t work out. Continue reading

Toilet door’s read, Taco’s or Burritos. Which door do you take? by: ROLLN

I had wanted to do more of an informative piece on Tijuana. But it turns out I’m not very good at that, and it was just fucking boring. So I threw in a smattering of my usual hijinks. The info is all in there. I decided it was time for a TJ trip. If I would have planned a little ahead tickets could be had round-trip for $175 but now 4 days away there $300. Continue reading

The Scumbag and his Scumbaguettes, Part Three – by ROLLN

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Part 2

Day five, I’m still awake obviously.  The stereo is blasting at 11am; I’m DJ’ing for the whole sixth floor I think.  I can’t get any of my friends on the phone all day.  Some are too hung over and the rest know I’m on a terror and they don’t want to deal with me.  Pretty standard.  I don’t leave my room all day, the girls go fetch me food and beers.  I take some codeine and max out for hours.  Ball and Mee go back to their rooms to change and are back in less than 2 hours.  I tell them last night was awesome and we are going to do it all over again.  They all smile. Around 9pm we drop vitamin A and step up the drinking.  The girls get a delivery of vitamins, and they tear through that pretty fast.  Shower time again.  Back to the bed.  Pretty much a repeat of last night, but I’m not as fucked up so I go a lot longer, and do a lot more of the work.  I have Ball finish the job this time, she’s got real firm hips and ass.  For whatever reason they want to use condoms today, I think each one of them is a bit embarrassed about the other 2 knowing they get down raw dog and take creampies.  Kind of late for that, but sheepishly I agree to it. I recall after screwing Nan, then Mee, and then Ball, there was a condom exchange before Ball.  I’m sweating profusely.  My stamina was near fizzle and I kinda lost wood.  Ball rolls her eyes at me. “Chill out and give me 3 minutes to fucking breath”.  It took less than that with the three of them working on me and we get going again.  I told Nan in the morning, about Ball’s eye roll.  I said “I don’t really give a fuck, but one day she’s going to do that to the wrong drunk and she’s gonna get decked.  If she is your little sister, teach her…” Continue reading

The Scumbag and his Scumbaguettes, Part Two by ROLLN

eds note…  whilst some of us enjoy an iced Coffee and a good book for company, Rolln likes to roll a little different……….

Part 1


Day four, the day starts off like a repeat of day 3. I sneak a call in to wifey, all is good. But right after my call my best bud arrives from SF. He walks in my room to inspect the damage, and calls me a Peast. A Peast, what’s that? “ A Piece of shit/Beast” well that’s a new one. How about the Barron von Bar Fine, or School Bus Gus, or even Scary Gary? He says “No, You’ve used all those already, you’re a Peast”. My boy goes to get a massage and the girls and I shower. Continue reading

The Scumbag and his Scumbaguettes, Part One – by ROLLN

It’s funny how when you arrive at the Bangkok airport you think, Ehh it’s not so hot here. Before you get your ass in a taxi you are already changing your mind on that one. So, I arrive at Suvarnabumi about 12 noon. Feeling pretty damn good, on the inside I’m wearing a hard devilish grin. Oh the trouble that’s coming my way, fuck yes…

Check into my room at Le Fenix on Soi 11, why there? I have a hook up, why else? Stash some things in my safe, scatter my stuff around the closet. I take a seat at the desk, and I think, Eden? Uh I’m not sure if I want to blow all my wads right now, tonight may not be all it could be. Plus, if I start now, I just know I will end up taking 2 Kamagra’s in a 12 hour period and you know where that can take you. Pop, Ouch… Continue reading

Bangkok in a bottle, Cheers to you Dumb Ass by ROLLN

September 2001, Bangkok. I wake up severely hung over with a strange girl in my bed. It’s Ground Hog Day everyday lately, I’m convinced it’s not a bad life. While I’m pretending to not know she’s a hooker, I’m already assuming she is and I genuinely can’t understand a word she is saying, she more-less prevents me from pushing her towards and out the door. I’m feeling weak this morning so I put about 300 baht or something in her little hand and she is speechless while the door closes on her…

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Part 3 of 3: Nights That Never End by ROLLN

Part 1 of 3
Part 2 of 3

Fucking Finally a night out solo. What can I get into? I drink some beers at the hotel and head out to Rainbow4, have 1 drink and 1 shot. Short time a slender one, Nok? something? I cant remember, nothing too special, had a cute body and bow tie in her hair.

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Part 2 of 3: Bangkok and the Curfew by ROLLN

Part 1 of 3
Part 3 of 3

Back in Bangkok and the curfew has been extended to 11 or 12pm or something by now. I take 2 of my friends and and go to Nana early. I go to Angel Witch again. Get pretty fucked up as usual. I have a chat with the Manager. After, I ask mamasan for two bi-girls down for a threesome. She points them over. I know one already as Pim from a previous encounter. I take two girls, Dun and Pim? Cant remember if Pim is the right name still. Dun is small with light hair and has a snaggle tooth. Pim, has blondish hair with braces, and fake titties. My boys grab girls too. I’m getting a bit jealous cause one of my boys gets a new hot young girl that I think has outdone my 2, but whatever.

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Part 1 of 3: Anticipation and Frustrations by ROLLN

I had to go to Vegas for 4 days before i departed for BKK. I packed all my shit and had it ready to go to because I was leaving for Bangkok the same day I return from Vegas. The first 3 days in Vegas were spent mostly on business, I didn’t gamble this time as I’ve learned I’m a sore loser, maybe next time. The last night I took my mom who lives in Vegas out to dinner at Dinero’s restaurant in the Hardrock casino and drank a bottle of wine and after wards put mom in a taxi and went back in the casino looking for trouble.

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Go Big, and then Go Home by ROLLN

Heres the background. I’m married to a Issan girl she now lives in California with me and she is a smoking 12 on a scale of 1 to 10, she’s in school and works. I travel to Thailand for work or play about 4 times a year, I speak moderate thai. I have been going to bkk since 2000 and I lived on soi 11 in 2001. This time I didnt have a legit reason to go so I told the thai wife I was going to Germany for business, why Germany, because its 6 hours behind bkk and i will remember that when I’m on the phone with her. I probably didnt need to lie, but it made things a little easier, i dont have to go visit mom, sis and all that. I’ve lived with Japanese girls, Phillipina girls and Mexican girls all of whom have left because i keep going
to Thailand.

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