Omni Tower – Partying by The Notorious BMG

Before I partied at the Penthouse, I found myself being Notorious in the Omni Tower.

Why would I leave soi 4 when everything I need is here?

I lived in Omni for a few years.  The doormen liked me, the receptionist fancied me, the restaurant knew what food I like and the neighbors hated me.  Many times I had an angry member of staff knocking on my door at some ridiculous time in the morning asking me to turn the music down.  I told them I had to play the music loud to drown out all the banging from next door. Besides, it’s 10am, the neighbors should be out working or doing something that old bastards do.

It was time to change party venues.  Well sort of.  As I stood outside wondering where I could host my next party, my nose started bleeding at the thought of crossing the road, let alone leaving the soi.  An about-turn left me gazing up at the Omni.  What the hell,  I’ll just rent another 2 bed corner suite on another floor for a few nights.  Easy when you think about it. Continue reading

The Penthouse by The Notorious BMG

My last stay in the Penthouse is one I’ll not forget for a while.  It’s at the front end of my mind when talking with friends and colleagues when they’re telling me of a girl they pulled at the local bar the other night and they got a snog.  My story of my party top trumps all their little tales.  Even if they are tired of hearing it, I am not.

It is always at the front of my mind also when I have the urge to have one off the wrist and there is nothing but my sordid memory for material…  but anyway..  All of my stays at the Penthouse have been memorable.  But the 1st time I ever stayed there will always leave a mark in my memory.

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Straight to Pattaya/Party by The Notorious BMG

Everyone has a different theory on how parties are best put together.  I think we can all agree that the best parties are usually had out of town, away from prying eyes and certainly out of your area code.

I arrived at BKK airport around 4pm on a Saturday.  My pal was waiting at the airport.  For some reason, girls seem to worship him.  Lets call him Jesus.

The plan was to head straight to Pattaya for the night and then return to BKK the next day to meet up with my other pals/girls/work colleagues.  I allowed myself 1 night of freedom.

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Heart Break Hotel – By The Notorious BMG

I’ve been in Bangkok a number of years now. I’ve done the Eden Club, the G Club, the English Pub and the Soapie Rub. I’ve done the Long time, Party time and seen the YP slime. I’ve done a lot. But what I haven’t done is the ‘Short Time Hotel’. Yeah, I know, that’s text book 1st few days stuff. I’ve done the deed in the odd S.T room up the stairs of a Pattaya bar, but never the Short Time hotel. Continue reading