November to Remember…pt 2

Part 1

The journey back to HH was uneventful. When the timing is just right, it takes us little over 2 hours door to door which isn’t bad.

Just so happens a pal of mine was in town so we hooked up and went for some beers… We went to the usual places but opted to stay mainly in one bar as it starting peeing down with rain. A storm was coming! Continue reading

Halloween Party – Anglewitch 2 Thursday 31st Oct.

My old mate DavetheRave is having a bit of a party on the 31st.   100bht a beer all night!

It is also the official Grand Opening of the bar.   You know where it is…  Far right corner, ground floor of the Plaza.    Will see you there!



November Gathering! **UPDATE**

Gents – November is almost upon us – and I am sorry to say that for one reason or another, many people are dropping faster than a perverts pants at Vacuum cleaner convention.

Having said that – we don’t need many people to have some fun and there ‘core’ team will be in attendance. (I hope)

I am going to kick things off and see where we go from there……

How about – Friday – 1st November

Meet at Muligans` for some ‘welcome beers’ and to set out the route of the crawl. (can change venues if anyone else has a better idea)

Then head to RCA for a go-kart race

After – head to Soi Cowboy and visit the best bars that we came up with on the soi cowboy crawl last year.
Sound like a plan?

Now, as I live in HH, it’s not like I could just tell Miss Tim I am popping out for some toothpaste and then return 3 days later (a la Rolln) – so she’ll be coming with me. But as most if not all of you know her, she’d like to say hello too. And besides, the food at Mulligans is so good, she’d go regardless.

After Mulligans we’ll all head over to RCA. If you have a girl and want to bring them along – then do so. It’s fun to have more karts on the track to practice our over-taking manoeuvres.

After the karting, I’ll give Miss Tim a fist full of dollars and tell her that it will be illegal to buy/sell shoes in Thailand as of the next day. I suggest anyone else with a girl does the same.

Not that the intention is to be bad, but well, girls just can’t drink, burp, swear and fart like we can. Although it has to be said, some come pretty close

I don’t know who is available for this so I’ll kick it off with people I know ‘should’ be up for it.
Graham, GamblinMan, CompanyMan, RainMan, Miss Tim who is not a Man, Bubba Steve?, CTG, Milosh Parker and I’ll see if Jonas is allowed out to play too.

Anyone else up for it? No times planned yet… open to suggestions –


********  so then,  Thailand is in a state of mourning and (apparently) all ‘entertainment’ places are going to be closed for business for 15 days.

Which day is all back to normal then?  10th November?    Do we reschedule?

Bars/Restaurants are still open, so the 1st part of the evening is o.k.  What we do in the night time is anyones guess?

Ideas / suggestions anyone?

Mulligans and gokarting is still on.     Or do we put it off a week?

I just don’t know?!?!









Bangkok is still cheap. Go to the Red Tiger for a bargain….

It’s been said that Bangkok is getting more expensive. Maybe it is. If the price of a beer increases slightly, is it really a big issue? Now, (thankfully) I am no Economics Professor , but over the course of a week how many beers ‘down’ are you? 1? 2? And lets face it, at the end of a drinking session, you probably wouldn’t miss (or remember) those 2 beers anyway.

I am constantly getting bombarded with emails from John Brown complaining about my expenditure. He seems to be troubled that I may be wasting my hard earned baht.

For me, it’s all relative. Bangkok is cheap. Hotels are cheap. Food is cheap. Women are cheap. Shoes are cheap. Drinks at the Mango are cheap… John Brown is cheap…. Continue reading

A November to Remember III

It’s a few months away I know, but a little planning may be in order for those that want to par-take.
So.. with a few of us in town… what could a bunch of drunken fools get upto?

For those who have not joined us in the November to Remember...

Well, how about a Soi Cowboy Challenge II? Yes I know we’ve already done it, but can any one recall anything of what went on that night? Not me.

What I am thinking is carry this out over 2 night. One side per night. It could be a Friday and a Saturday, or maybe Saturday and the following Saturday. Ideas please.

Remember us?

Remember us?

Completing both sides in one night is a bit of a marathon. It can be done, but it leaves little time to socialize and take in the surroundings.

So that’s one event.

Also.. a Pattaya in 12-24? These are always fun. Or maybe just a Soi 6 bar crawl?
But what about something new?

For the petrol heads among us – I am going to head out and do some go-karting.

If there is enough of us, we could get a little championship race going. We can even have a little collections type thing for the winner.

So this is now over to you. Ideas are appreciated, encouraged and NEEDED!!!

Let’s make it a November to Remember!

So first off… who’s ‘in’? Let me know and I’ll add you to the list on this post.


Saturday 10th August

Gents – it’s Lomeos Birthday in a few weeks. This Saturday has been designated the ‘night out with the lads’.

Now, I am unsure what ‘the lads’ means, but I’ll be open minded.

– all plans of leaving ladyboy stories out of this blog may get flushed down the bog.

Jonas, pmmp, Gamblin Man and myself are signed up. Anyone else in the hood for a piss-up on Saturday?

Soi Cowboy Challenge 2012

Soi Cowboy Challenge!

Gents…     talking with my old pal PRP, we came to the assumption that it’d fun to do a Soi Cowboy challenge.  ALL the bars in one night.

– There are a lot, so we’ll need to start early evening.


We shall be starting at the Old Dutch at the bottom of Cowboy.  A deal has been struck with the Big Cheese there for a bunch of snacks before the marathon.  Chicken Wings, Ribs, Spring rolls… kinda thing.     

And when I say ‘deal’… this one is on me and PRP.  The marathon eaters are welcome. Of course you’ll have to identify who you are to us.  Any freeloaders will be stabbed in the chest with half eaten rib.

The plan is ‘one drink and out’.  No exceptions.    (even the Arab bars)    All are welcome.   If you can make it to the Mango (and spend some money) before we set off, it will be a good opportunity for introductions and name calling.

Planned date is Wednesday 12th September  ETD (Estimated Time of Drinkathon) is 18:30 at THE OLD DUTCH

Let us all know who is in….  and I’ll add it to the Calendar.     (for those of you already said they’re up for it, please mention again on this tread, as it’s easier to track)

A write-up will follow.   So I’ll need people to take notes.


  • Daywalker
  • PRP
  • Laitiedog
  • Doc Bond
  • Companyman
  • Mike the warrior
  • ZUFO


nurseRon – flying in especially! How Elite is that?  You hear that Fender / ROLLN?  ;)

  • Pete
  • Whisperingoldman

In pencil…

  • DavetheRave
  • Stickman

– although doubt they can make the whole night.. it’s an age thing ;)