There’s no place like home… by WFTM

In not living in Bangkok anymore I have new respect for those on holiday and their desire to hit it hard and fast. Short times versus long-time, quick meals to regain sustenance and a focus on the raw statistics. It is a sprint – not a marathon. One has to totally change their game to maximize the throughput. Enuff said.

I am also gutted that tonight is the big party and I am not there. Fuck me.

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Ode to the Wingman

As I mentioned before I have been trying to play things a little different in Thailand. Forcing myself to work on pulling outside the bar scene. Low hanging fruit avoidance tactics. So given this I decided to slip on my best threads – shorts, flip-flops and a used tee whilst making my way to Victory Monument. I was told to look for the SJ Pub sign and then follow it to the street below and find the vans going to Bang Saen. I did. Ticket 110 baht – costs more than my t-shirt. I popped over to the 7/11 to load up on my pseudo breakfast/lunch – george foreman grill ham cheesy, bag of chips and some water. Twix for dessert.

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