1 Month in Dubai – Some photos

Life in Dubai has been passing at 1000mph this past month.   Moving into an apartment is a ball ache which takes time. After shelling out a years rent up front, then getting the electric, water and internet connected is not exactly the easiest thing to do in the world.

Still, it’s all done now. Moved in, internet up and running, knives, forks and Marmite are now in the cupboards. All that’s missing now is Miss Tim.

I’ve sent out the Batsign… hopefully she’ll be here at the end of the week.

Some pictures for you… of my time here so far….

Drunken one night… 3am munchies. This guy is actually wearing Simpson pajamas!

Must have been a bet?

Must have been a bet?

Some tasty cars here for sure. We all know that. The money these people have can only be described as ‘vulgar’.   I’ve found a car I want – but it’s no way in the league of the average Joe here.   It’s does have a 5.7ltr engine though. More on that later.

Yeah, but is he happy?

Yeah, but is he happy?

When Lambos and Bentleys are ten a penny…. This is a real head turner….

still don't know what it is?

still don’t know what it is?

I still can’t express how impressive the Dubai skyline is when driving through Downtown. Truly awesome.

One of the things I like about my new Downtown apartment is the coffee shop. Perfect place to grab a bit of breakfast and take in the early morning sun. Not a bad view either…

The view as I come out of my front door.

The view as I come out of my front door.

I’ll be happy when Miss Tim get here – so I can share it all with her. I have a good circle of pals here which is cool, but there are things I want to do which really isn’t appropriate with a bunch of guys.

This is a nice little trendy bar called the Barasti. For me, I’ll take this view over the Golden Bar any day.

It's just 'nicer' than the bars I am used to.

It’s just ‘nicer’ than the bars I am used to.

As I am now working 9 to 5, just trying to make a living, people are asking me what is Miss Tim going to do to amuse herself while I am at work? Well, apart from sleeping, the Dubai Mall is within walking distance. The Dubai Mall being the largest in the world I am told. What do Malls have?
– shoes. I sent her this picture I took the other day.

This is going to cost me...

This is going to cost me…

Dubai is expensive. Compared to Bangkok.. Bangkok is a bargain. I’ve been burning through cash like Jonas goes through women. I am putting it down to settling in and getting to know the place. Now it’s been a month and Miss Tim is inbound, I can calm it down a little.

Having said that – there are an awful lot of shoe shops here.

Dubai Update – by Rafiq

Just bringing this post to the top of the pile… give it a little freshen up!

(note that this recent entry about Dubai is a follow up to a Dubai post published in 2009)


Firstly the rates stated by Bkk in his post are pretty much unchanged it all comes down to how good your negotiation skills are CIS girls will start prices at 2000dirhams early in the night but as the night wears on they will eventually drop to 1500dirhams… one major point to note from experience regardless of the fact that the girl is a hooker be nice to them and respectful and friendly throughout the night and u are sure to get them for 1000dirhams for LT I Have never paid more than 1000dirhams for a hot 8-10 CIS girl…. a great place to find them is at a club in deira called Red Square which is in the Moscow Hotel the entry is 100dirhams but well worth it this place is packed every night opens at 9:30pm and closes at 3am but usually gets packed at around 11:30pm I highly recommend it if u like Russians Kazakh and even Iranians there too…. I usually tip the bouncers every now and then and they tend to keep an eye out for girls according to your tastes and send her over for intros I usually tip 100dirhams….. Continue reading

UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi) by mbkknowsp4p

Abu Dhabi is by far the largest and richest of the seven emirates that make up the UAE. However, Dubai is a much more international city, and is less strict about clothing standards, drinking and clubs. There is a scene in Abu Dhabi, but it is smaller and much more discrete than Dubai – it is slightly cheaper, but the quality and quantity of girls is not as good as Dubai. The other five emirates are much smaller and a few have strict Muslim laws (drinking is banned in Sharjah, for example).

editor – This is good stuff indeed but I am going to skip Sharjah for now being an alcoholic an all. Thanks for the tip.

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