Wan Chai

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Continuing our adventures elsewhere, I found myself in Hong Kong recently with an evening to kill. Wan Chai, I had heard, was the local epicentre of naughty nightlife, so I figured it would be rude not to check it out.

First things first. Hong Kong is not cheap, and nor are Hong Kong girls. I knew nothing about Wan Chai before I turned up, and naively expected bars full of hot Hong Kong Chinese girls. There are none. There seems to be a 90/10 split between Filipinas and Thai girls. Not that they’re cheap either, compared with Bangkok.

I got the MTR (underground) to Wan Chai, and found myself on Lockhart Street – a busy urban street lined with what the locals refer to as girlie bars, but which bear more than a passing resemblance to Bangkok’s gogo bars.

Enter The Dragon

I took a wander, and found myself in Dragon Club, on Fenwick Street – just off the main strip. A stage full of chrome poles and bored-looking shuffling Filipina “dancers” in bikinis greeted me, and I could have been in any of Bangkok’s lesser gogo bars. Until I saw the drinks prices, that is. A bottle of San Miguel set me back HK$40 (฿173), or HK$44 (฿190) once they added the mandatory 10% service charge. Lady-drinks in this bar consisted of a shot-glass of cola, and sell for HK$110 (฿475) – that’s HK$121 (฿523) with the service charge. I’ve had cheaper shags.

I picked out the cutest girl, and beckoned her over to join me. She was about 30-ish, so older than me, and she’d get laughed out of the door if she applied for a dancing job at any of Nana Plaza‘s Rainbow bars, but seemed nice enough.

The vulture of a mamasan implored me to buy the girl a drink, which I agreed to in the interest of research. There was a pleasant surprise though – we sat in a booth, and as my girl gingerly sipped her tiny drink with one hand, she stuffed her other hand down my pants. “Sorry, I have a naughty hand”, she giggled.

“That’s quite alright”, I replied.

“I have a naughty mouth too”, she mischievously added. And with that, she set about impressing me with her pork-sword swallowing technique. Suddenly, the five hundred baht lady-drink looked like a pretty good deal after all.

Not for long. I thought she was coming up for air – in fact, she was coming up to finish her drink, flutter her eyelashes, and inform me that I’d have to buy her another drink if I wanted her to continue.

Ever tried to make a rational financial decision whilst receiving a blow job? I bought her another drink. This disappeared even more quickly than the first. “This is going to get expensive”, I said to myself.

“One more?”, she asked.

“Okay, if you finish me off this time”.

“Oh, you have to talk to mamasan”.


The mamasan informed me of my options. The girl just would not discuss it at all. Apparently I could take the girl out of the bar for two hours for HK$2,000 (฿8,639). I’ve had cheaper relationships.

I actually had no intention of taking any girls out whatsoever, but the mamasan started haggling anyway. She offered me one hour with the girl, firstly for HK$1,500 (฿6,479) and then, desperately, HK$1,000 (฿4,319).

“Can’t she just finish me off like this?”, I asked (and yes, BBB-jr was still sticking out of my pants during these delicate negotiations).

“Okay. HK$600”. That’s ฿2,592. I declined, drank up, and moved on.

Fake Tales of San Francisco

I eventually wandered into San Francisco #1, where beers were available for the bargain price of HK$20 (฿86), so still only HK$22 (฿95) after the service charge. That’s cheaper than most Bangkok gogos. Advantage Wan Chai.

Unfortunately, it’s advantage Bangkok all the way in every other respect. The girls were mostly Filipina, but I spotted an Issan girl (from Ubon Ratchathani, it turned out) amongst them, who was suitably amused when I introduced myself in Thai. She wanted to know why on earth I was wasting my money in Wan Chai when I lived in Bangkok.

I began to wonder the same thing myself. She wasn’t looking particularly appealing, and the Filipina girls weren’t much better. Lady drinks, I was enthusiastically informed, ranged from HK$110 (฿475) for a simple cola, to HK$220 (฿950) for a mixed drink, and onto HK$330 (฿1,425) for a tequila. Plus ten percent, naturally.

I hated to disappoint the Thai girl, her Filipina friend, and the mamasan, who’d all crowded round my small table to beg for tequila, but there was no way I was going to spend the best part of ฿5,000 on four drinks. That’s seven sessions at the Star of Light, for heaven’s sake.

I did buy a cola for the Thai girl, and had a quick chat with her about the industry. It was definitely a nice change to be able to chat with a bargirl in a language her boss and her colleagues couldn’t understand. She claimed that she receives no salary from the bar, and just makes her money on drinks (HK$40 to the girl, HK$70 to the bar) and bar-fines (the barfine around here includes payment for the girls services, just like at the Saphan Kwai gogos in Bangkok).

Long-time, I was told, would set me back HK$4,000. That’s a mind-boggling ฿17,277 – and remember, this is for an Issan girl who must have been pushing forty years old.

Same Same

I ventured into San Francisco #2, next door, and then onto Cock-Eye, or Pop-Eye, depending on which sign you read. They were pretty similar, although only the San Francisco bars offered HK$20 beers. HK$40 seemed to be the standard price. This was getting depressing.

I had one more bottle of San Miguel in Cavalier, where I found another ageing Thai girl, this time with ludicrous silicone breasts. We were shepherded into a private booth, where I was told the girl would give me a lap-dance if I bought her a (HK$110) drink. I did so, and in return she simply sat on my lap, staring into the middle distance. I enthusiastically groped her boobs for a while, but it was clear that even my sexual magnetism wasn’t going to extract any fun out of this situation.

The mamasan stuck her head around the curtain, and told me that for another HK$1,000, I could do anything I wanted with the girl, inside the booth. I declined, paid for the drinks, and left.

The Fenwick

Having already gone way over budget, I kicked myself when I finally found the Fenwick. A friend had recommended this place as a great freelancer hang-out joint. I got myself a pint (yes, a proper pint) of John Smith’s, and cruised around.

Think Thermae, but much darker and with Filipinas instead of Thais. They weren’t doing anything for me though – even though I wasn’t particularly looking for a girl, I saw nobody in here capable of changing my mind.

I should have at least found out the kind of money the girls were looking for – I’m sure it would have been far more reasonable than the girly bars, but I was getting sloppy after several beers on an empty stomach. I moved on, and somehow found myself back in Dragon Club – the first bar I’d visited.

Easy come, easy go

Since bedtime was drawing near, I figured I’d take up the offer of an in-bar oral “happy ending” from earlier. Plus a beer for me, and two more lady-drinks for the girl. She did put in a decent performance, and for Hong Kong residents it’s probably marginally cheaper than flying to Bangkok, but otherwise I see no reason to head out here.

It All Adds Up

Six bottles of San Miguel: HK$220 (฿950)
Eight lady-drinks: HK$968 (฿4,181)
One gobble: HK$600 (฿2,592)
Total: HK$1,788 (฿7,723)


So I guess this is the point where you Hong Kong expats and experts tell me what I should have done, and where I should have gone. Over to you…

8 Days in Hong Kong – Part 3 of 3 by morefun

It was now 10:00pm on Tuesday night. I had worked all day and still had not eaten besides soup. I did not have to work until Thursday, but I was exhausted, drained and decided to go to sleep. I passed out immediately only to be woken 30 minutes later by the hotel staff delivering a fax I. After he left I tried to go back to sleep. However another perk of living in Asia returned: insomnia.

I decided to turn on the TV only to find out there was a COUP happening in THAILAND!! I was shocked and I called my friends watching the news intently. It was fascinating, but I tried to sleep again, to no avail. Every couple of hours I would sleep for a few minutes, then wake up.

Now it was 7:45 am. I opened up the shades and it was a beautiful Hong Kong Day. People were swimming, in the pool, jogging and really enjoying the day. Since I was up I thought I should do something, but what to do………..

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8 Days in Hong Kong – Part 2b of 3 by morefun

As soon as they left I ran to the bathroom to take a shit. It was pure squirt and I immediately thought about the semi-raw BBQ I had several days earlier. Now it is Friday night and my friend called me to go to dinner in Wan Chai. I was excited to go out, but I had to hit the toilet a couple times before I left. Before we headed out for dinner I went to the toilet a couple of times to pure liquid squirts. I felt horrible and I barely touched my food. I hit the toilet again before we left the restaurant.

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8 Days in Hong Kong – Part 2a of 3 by morefun

So I decided to start my night out in Lai Kwai Fong (LKF). It is the ‘trendy’ part of town. It encompasses several narrow streets that run up and down steep hills. There are tons of bars/ pubs/ lounges here and the drinking spills out into the streets. Tonight is ladies night and some of the bars have free drinks for the ladies.

The first place that I went was Club 1997. This is in small lounge with a small dance floor and some cool lounge chairs, at street level. It was already about 1:00 am and I was not sure what time the bar would close. I decided I would go in and make my mark immediately. While I was ordering I saw a little Chinese cutie on the other side of the bar. She was with a friend and they did not look like working girls. I went over to them and starting talking to my girl. Her English was pretty good and she said she was a waitress at an Australian restaurant. Her friend was cute, but didn’t speak much English. I thought everyone in HK spoke English, but I guess not. They were drinking free Cosmos, which was good for me.

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8 Days in Hong Kong – Part 1 of 3 by morefun

Ok, so I have to go to Hong Kong for business. I also had to do a visa run, but they don’t coordinate quite right. The fall out is that I will be there for eight days so that I can accomplish both. Hong Kong is a great place, but also a bit expensive. It was one of the first places I went to in Asia a year ago and I am excited to go back.

As with any trip I should discuss my last night in Bangkok and my state of mind going into Hong Kong. I had a lot to do in Bangkok before I left. One of the things I wanted to do before I left was Thai Barbeque (Mu Ga Tao). This is great. It is all you can eat BBQ that you grill at your table. You can have seafood, beef, pork anything really for about 80 Bhat. This is usually a three hour meal and this night was no exception. I tend to like my meat a little medium rare. Sometimes this is tough with Mu Ga Tao as it is dark outside and sometimes you cannot tell if the food is rare, medium or medium rare, but I still went for it anyways. The meal was three hours long and delicious.

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