‘Big Trouble in Thailand’ Creator Admits J.J. Gun Scene Audio ‘Faked’; Claims Editors Regularly Bending Truth

Six weeks after the first episode of ‒Big Trouble in Thailand” set off a firestorm around Thailand’s jet-ski rental industry, the show’s creator has finally admitted that a scene during the televised scam of British Marines by a jet-ski vendor nicknamed ‒J.J.” was fabricated.

‒In the program that was broadcast, the audio over the scene where J.J. produces a gun is different to the audio on the raw footage from that day,” said Gavin Hill, who produced and directed the eight (now) six (uh, now) seven eight-part mini-series. ‒When it comes to that particular scene the audio was, in my opinion, faked.” Continue reading

The Fallout Over ‘Big Trouble in Thailand’: Blunders, Recriminations & Naiveté


In a darkened editing suite in London, the final six episodes of ‒Big Trouble in Thailand” are slowly being pieced together. But the remainder of the reality miniseries that finally airs on the U.K.’s Bravo cable channel likely won’t be what creator Gavin Hill expected. Some might argue it never has been.

In truth, nothing about the eight-part series about Thai police and badly behaving Brits has gone according to plans, not Hill’s and certainly not those of the Thai bigwigs who months ago happily mugged with him for snapshots. The edited product is not the ‒Thai Cops” Hill claims he wanted to make and now Thai officials have gone into full witch-hunt mode, demonizing him, downplaying their involvement and doing all they can go discredit the show and bury the problems it highlighted.

Even officials in Pattaya, which so far has gotten off lightly, are promising that ‒heads will roll” after seeing a rough cut of Episode 3. Continue reading

Big Debate Over ‘Big Trouble in Thailand’ (+ the Producer Responds)

Face off in Phuket between British Royal Marine Police Sgt. Tim Wright and jet ski vendor J.J. (Photo: Andrew Chant)

Face off in Phuket between British Royal Marine Police Sgt. Tim Wright and jet ski vendor J.J. (Photo: Andrew Chant)

It nearly derailed Banglamung’s epic yesterday and is basically all that people with an interest in Thailand want to talk about. SideshowBob thinks it’s crap. Others claim it’s staged, I personally think it’s pretty precise, but, no matter how you see it, Big Trouble in Thailand is definitely sparking a lot of discussion and debate. Continue reading

Full Moon Day 3

Full Moon Day 1

Full Moon Day 2

Well. What can be said about Day 3 after dealing with Day 2. Not much, but the BJ lessons might be worth noting but not right now. Day 3 was pretty much uneventful. We slept in, ran to grab the breakfast before the buffet shut down and then went back to bed. Then we got up and hung around the pool. Continue reading

Full Moon Day 2

First Day Here

We were up early mostly cause the sun was up and we were to bed fairly early anyway. The breakfast spread was off the hook and as usual I find myself eating too much but I will try to balance it as much as I can with some “exercise”. After grub we returned to the room for some well u know. I will just state that this is a complex arrangement. Now we are dealing with 3 sex drives and I am finding that between us someone is always looking to get some. My abs hurt. We had a plan to get to “town” since we wanted to grab a few things and the other girl needed to hit Western Union. Yes – she has a newly found sponsor helping her out. 🙂 We got a free ride back into town at 10, hit the bank and then cruised around, checked email and waited for our return ride home. The car was packed for the way back so we had to sit in the back of the truck. Once I get some pics downloaded I will include some in the posts. Continue reading

Full Moon Day 1

It’s holiday time folks. Been a while. U can read about my last trip to the US but I don’t really count those as holidays – feels more like a duty than anything else. Of course I miss my family, my friends and some aspects of being in the US but I don’t miss it all that much. So the US trip – not holiday. Going to Koh Phangan – holiday for sure. Going to the Full Moon Party is something I have wanted to do since I first started visiting Thailand but just have not pulled it together. Looks like this time I will. A big shout out to my biz partners for giving me some time off to go party. Your turn next. That is the beauty of running the bars and having cool biz partners. We work, we play and sometime we play while working. I will be writing everyday and organizing my posts per day but not sure how often I will get to upload until I source some good connectivity. As of this juncture the Internet is down. FYI – my trip reports tend to be long so read them at your own peril. Not my fault really since I enjoy writing. Here we go…

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