The Land of the Morning Calm Part 3 by DebtStar

Myeong Dong

By day, Myeong Dong is the financial and banking district of Seoul and the location of some of the biggest shopping centers in Korea.  There are several mid- to high-priced consumer goods and tourist stores here. By night, Myeong Dong is a white-collar party spot.  Many of the young men and women that work in the Korean trading houses and bank headquarters will go out on the town here after work.  There are many excellent restaurants here with an international flare.

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The Land of the Morning Calm Part 2 by DebtStar

Part 1

The Upper Gauntlet is home to some large theme bars like Grand Ol’ Opry (Country and Western music) and Liberty Club (Rap and Hip-Hop).  East and West Club is a dance/techno bar that has been claimed by the Homosexual Community as one of their bars.  There are also some regular bars here to just hang out and people watch while sipping a cold one, like Bar 52 and a couple of other bars that my alcohol-soaked brain has trouble remembering the names of.  These bars tend to be at the top of the alley and/or upstairs.  Stompers, a club owned by a civilian expat, used to be one of the most popular party spots for the GIs and teachers for its lack of P4P girls.  Just good music and high quality drinks.  They have pulled up stakes and, from what I hear, set up shop across town in a university district.  One More Try is another bar at the top of the Upper Gauntlet, and is known for staying open later than the other bars.  It is also locally famous for RAISING prices on P4P the later it gets.

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The Land of the Morning Calm Part 1 by DebtStar


Hey guys.  Debt Star here.  This submission is about the nightlife scene in Korea.  It is a combination of personal experiences from my days in the mid-90’s when I was stationed there in the military, my days in the late 90’s to early 2000’s when I just plain lived there as a civilian, and some updated info I gleaned off the internet recently.  It is not really comprehensive or completely up to date, but the data you glean out of it would set you up with enough info to have a good time on the town in Korea should you ever find yourself in that part of the world.  This is a multi-part submission, and is as much a rambling recollection of personal experience as it is a guide for fellow punters.  Enjoy!

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