Son of Return to Vientiane by ratchada

[Father Post here: Return to Vientiane by ratchada]

Well, I have been to Laos (three days in May of this year) since my last report, but since it’s been about a year since that missive I thought I would post a sort of update.

This trip started with a flight from Bangkok to Luang Phrabang, a destination I highly recommend for those who haven’t been…basically, it’s everything it’s cracked up to be/touted as: misty, high in the mountains, quaint, almost unbelievably picturesque…and it really has not changed much since my first visit there five years ago.  I also have to say, though, on the occasion of my third visit, that if you’re an action-oriented, city rat like me, it starts to get old on the third trip.  Two days is definitely enough, and that’s what I did on this trip.  Don’t even think of going to Luang Phrabang to play…you’d do better further north in those bleak Lao cities on the China-to-Thailand truck routes, and that’s only if your idea of fun is concrete block hotels, brothels, and sharing your girls with Chinese truckers.  Not my idea of fun, that’s for fucking sure.

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Laos Visa Run by Salty

It’s been a while since I last posted here and having just returned from Laos I thought it time to put pen to paper.

It has been a bit of a dry time for the last few weeks, but that is another story, and with a visa run coming up I thought it might be nice to meet someone other than a ladyboy (definitely not on my list of things to do) while I am away in Laos.

Naaa.  For your enjoyment and my ridicule I will tell all now.

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Return to Vientiane by ratchada

I had the opportunity to visit Vientiane for two nights on my recent six-week Thailand vacation extravaganza; here’s a brief trip report.

It had been a while since I had visited Vientiane…a year, in fact. Used to go 2-3 times a year when I lived in Bangkok; visa runs, work-related, to visit a close Lao friend I have there.  And actually when you consider the nature of two of my 2008 visits (I brought “sand to the beach” for two of them), I hadn’t been there alone and on the town since waaaay back in Jan. 2008, so until last week it had been a good two years since I hit the bars.

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Some More on Vientiane Night Life by Salty

I have just returned from a Visa run to Laos, the usual 1 night in Vientiane and the overnight bus trips to and fro to get a new tourist visa to extend the time I can reside in LOS.

There has not been much posted here about the nightlife in Vientiane so here is what I did for amusement while I was there.

I started off in the late afternoon at a place called Tex Mex which is located on the road running along the river.  Quai Fa Ngum I think it is called.  This is a good place to sit outside and watch the passing parade of expats and tourists and locals.  I made the acquaintance of 2 local girls while I consumed a couple of large bottles of my favourite Beer Lao and was invited to join them at another bar nearby. The three of us motored off very unsteadily on a motorbike to a place called Red Mekong.

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