The P4P Scene in Macau – Part 4 by Arthur

Outcall Agencies

There are women handing one one-page colour flyers for outcall massage all over the central area of Macau. I collected as many as I could and obtained 18 – all with different telephone numbers. I doubt the Macau market supports 18 agencies. I expect a few agencies have several numbers to give customers the illusion of more choice.

The flyers are all the same with photos of beautiful young light-skinned well endowed girls and Chinese text offering their services for a low price.

I called one number and the man who answered spoke no English. A second try got someone who was very direct: ‒What you want? How much you pay?” Maybe that’s how the Chinese negotiate but it didn’t appeal to me, so I passed. I have only used an agency once, in Singapore when I didn’t know any better. I was bait-and-switched and have disliked the business model ever since.

The P4P Scene in Macau – Part 3 by Arthur

Massage Parlours

Most hotels have a Health Club or Sauna that includes massage services. There are also many stand alone businesses again in the old part of town. The stand alone businesses are marketed with billboards (‒Sauna Fun, Fun, Fun” anyone?) and with someone outside who can explain the services offered.

I went to a stand alone sauna, the Golden Sauna on Rua de Cantão. When I entered the lobby they got a girl who spoke passable English to explain the options to me. Hang said she was from Hanoi and was good looking and charming herself. It wasn’t her fault but I misunderstood the options as will be clear later.

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The P4P Scene in Macau – Part 2 by Arthur

Hotel Lisboa Girls

The Hotel Lisboa used to be the premier hotel/casino in Macau and one of the few casinos in Asia. It’s now been eclipsed by the new modern places and is overshadowed by the huge Grand Lisboa. The exterior is funky and inside it’s all traditional gilt and over-decoration. I think it now attracts the lower budget gambler.

The casino has always had a ready supply of working ladies and they are still in ample supply. I expect some of the older properties like the Rio have them too, but not the new resorts like the Sands or the Wynn.

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The P4P Scene in Macau – Part 1 by Arthur

I just returned from a week in Macau and Hong Kong. I went primarily to visit a friend but had time to do some research on the paid-for sex scene in Macau. I am very familiar with Hong Kong but was much less so with Macau.

If you haven’t been to Macau recently you’re in for a surprise. It’s expanding rapidly based on gambling. The old monopoly has been broken and many operators have moved in to build casinos and resorts. Construction is everywhere both on the Macau peninsula and on the islands of Taipa and Colerone. They’re bringing in labour from all over Asia. But still the old part of Macau is much quieter and characterful than Hong Kong. Maybe Macau will be able to get the best of both worlds.

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