A few days relaxing in Phuket – by Daywalker

Each year, I feel like getting away from it all and treat myself to a little holiday…

I’ve tried to persuade the girlfriend that there are many nice hotels in soi 4, but she insisted we go further afield.

After putting up a good fight, some tears, name calling, dirty dishes left in the sink, laundry thrown everywhere, she told me to grow up and stop being a big baby.  Being called a bigbaby is possibly the worst insult ever.

This was all for show really, as there is a place in Phuket that I like, and have been a few times now.  I just didn’t want to seem too keen.

‘Might-get-you-there Air’ was cheaper than soi 5 night crawler so there was plenty of money in the holiday budget for a nice hotel.  The Melisa Villa Resort was my retreat of choice.  It’s in Kata a stones throw (if you’re an Olympian) to the sea. Continue reading

‘Big Trouble in Thailand’ Creator Admits J.J. Gun Scene Audio ‘Faked’; Claims Editors Regularly Bending Truth

Six weeks after the first episode of ‒Big Trouble in Thailand” set off a firestorm around Thailand’s jet-ski rental industry, the show’s creator has finally admitted that a scene during the televised scam of British Marines by a jet-ski vendor nicknamed ‒J.J.” was fabricated.

‒In the program that was broadcast, the audio over the scene where J.J. produces a gun is different to the audio on the raw footage from that day,” said Gavin Hill, who produced and directed the eight (now) six (uh, now) seven eight-part mini-series. ‒When it comes to that particular scene the audio was, in my opinion, faked.” Continue reading

The Fallout Over ‘Big Trouble in Thailand’: Blunders, Recriminations & Naiveté


In a darkened editing suite in London, the final six episodes of ‒Big Trouble in Thailand” are slowly being pieced together. But the remainder of the reality miniseries that finally airs on the U.K.’s Bravo cable channel likely won’t be what creator Gavin Hill expected. Some might argue it never has been.

In truth, nothing about the eight-part series about Thai police and badly behaving Brits has gone according to plans, not Hill’s and certainly not those of the Thai bigwigs who months ago happily mugged with him for snapshots. The edited product is not the ‒Thai Cops” Hill claims he wanted to make and now Thai officials have gone into full witch-hunt mode, demonizing him, downplaying their involvement and doing all they can go discredit the show and bury the problems it highlighted.

Even officials in Pattaya, which so far has gotten off lightly, are promising that ‒heads will roll” after seeing a rough cut of Episode 3. Continue reading

Big Debate Over ‘Big Trouble in Thailand’ (+ the Producer Responds)

Face off in Phuket between British Royal Marine Police Sgt. Tim Wright and jet ski vendor J.J. (Photo: Andrew Chant)

Face off in Phuket between British Royal Marine Police Sgt. Tim Wright and jet ski vendor J.J. (Photo: Andrew Chant)

It nearly derailed Banglamung’s epic yesterday and is basically all that people with an interest in Thailand want to talk about. SideshowBob thinks it’s crap. Others claim it’s staged, I personally think it’s pretty precise, but, no matter how you see it, Big Trouble in Thailand is definitely sparking a lot of discussion and debate. Continue reading

Nok Opayop on Phuket and Krabi

editor’s note: This was a comment from this post.

I was in Patong a few days ago and had a good time, and although I found the hoards of massage girls in the streets very annoying one of them amused me as I passed by; ‒massage sir?” …”mai ao krab”…..”blowjob sir?” ….. You should have seen the look on the faces of the passing package tourists.

The Indian tailors with ludicrous Australian and cockney accents (like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins) are apparently Burmese of Nepali origin. Not that that makes them any less irritating but it does mean that some decent ‒Indian” food is available quite cheaply.

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Suk Psycho does Phuket

For my first contribution to this blog I went on a mission to Phuket. We have been talking about Pattaya and all its secrets for a while, but don’t forget that Phuket also is a monger-friendly destination. There is not so much choice as in Pattaya but at least this is a true beach resort, and you can even send a postcard to your family without looking like a perv 🙂

I am not a Phuket specialist, but in my opinion 90% of the P4P there happens in Patong (for Farangs I mean) and 90% of the Patong P4P happens in or around Bangla Road. Let’s say from Taipan (on Rat U Thit road, opposite Bangla Road) to Banana Club (200 meters on the left after Bangla Road, on the beach road).

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