The Golden Mile

No. Not that one. The one in Singapore. Needed to work on some visa stuff and since my friends have a super sick pad in Singapore with a spare room, I thought I would swoop in for a visit. Casa de Chaos we call it. HK was the old HQ but now they live in Sing. Air Asia and away I went. Love discount travel.

First up was the Saturday house party. 30 or so folks from around town and the region. First thing one notices in Singapore, as compared to Thailand, is the variety. Just like HK these is the smorgabobs of ying. Sing girls, Chinese girls, Viet, Flip, Indian, white girls, African girls and so on and so forth. Its great. Variety is the spice of life.

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Singapore Part 2 / Party Time by morefun

The next day I was hurting, but I wanted to see Singapore. I went to Sentosa Island which is where they are going to put the second casino in Singapore. The first one will go on the east coast near the water. In Sentosa there is a beach called Siloso that is pretty good if you are in the mood for a beach. It is clean, but much more family oriented, nothing like Pattaya, Phuket or Koh Samui.

I took the mass transit back to the hotel. As a side note the mass transit system is very easy to use and affordable. The taxis drivers are also reasonable and honest.

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Still Dating a Virgin/ Holiday in Singapore by morefun

It is now Monday and I am spending the afternoon with my ‘virgin’. I was going to Singapore on Tuesday morning for holiday/ work (in that order). At her request we went swimming in my building’s pool. Afterwards I set her up in the shower when she asked ?Do you want to shower with me?” I said YES and we showered, cleaning each other. Since I have still not kissed her, and she is a virgin, we showered with our bathing suits on. After my past rejections with her the mood did not seem right to seal our first kiss, so I waited.

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