Had to try the take-in and giving Batin a whirl…

Coming into the last leg of a five continent, 3 week tour I find myself in KL again. I was just getting in from Vietnam and was looking for something different. I attended a VIP party full of Vietnamese models and media talent – but after talking to some euro-viet models that, with heels, were twice the height of Penfold – I deduced that I was firmly out of my league.

I bid my farewells and headed to more familiar territory.

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Vietnam Revisited – Part Three by WFTM

Sunday was the last day and I figured I would walk around and explore some more. The streets are full of hair salons and grooming places. For all of you trolls walking suk soi 4 with more ear hair than YP has pubes – might I suggest a little personal grooming. Even your p4p lovers will enjoy the fact that you had a shave. One of the cool places for this in HCMC is the HIS salon on Le Thanh Ton street – number 29 to be exact. Place is done up like an old shop and is full of charming little service girls. I had a shave but whilst they are shaving you get a little 2 person rub down. They kept encouraging me to go with the full body rub but I did not have time. My guess is some sort of rubbing and tugging happens upstairs but I doubt the full meal deal.

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Vietnam Revisited – Part Two by WFTM

After HCMC city I had to do some days in Hanoi. Hanoi has very little to offer the monger but is a fun town for eating and hanging out. I did manage to try Boss at the Fortuna Hotel – the one KTV place that everyone seems to talk about. My suggestion is to stay at the hotel if you want to try this place since it would save you some coin. I went in at 7:30pm or so and the place was full of girls. Tons of lookers and lots of sexy outfits. The place is hardcore about charging for things though and it not good value for the money but seems to offer the most available girls in town.

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Vietnam Revisited – Part One by WFTM

I think the only guide to date about Vietnam on the blog is when pmmp took his one and only trip outside of suk soi 4. He went to HCMC or Saigon and did quite the detailed write-up on it. You can find that here. I was coming off a week in Jakarta, stopover in Sing and then over to HCMC, Hanoi and back to HCMC. There is other information on this blog about Hanoi as well.

Having spent some time now all over SEA it is very easy to get used to Thailand. Say what you will, people bitching about scams aside, Thailand is one of the best spots in the world for ease of living. The mongering scene is also the best bar none. About the only thing I can ding Thailand for is the lame duck government, the waning service levels and the terrible internet infrastructure. Cabs are cheap, food is great, girls are plentiful and the p4p scene, although lacking variety, is tops. That’s just the way it is.

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Mango Weekly – 28 May 2006 (Vietnam)

Hi folks. This week will feature a trip report from my recent visit to Vietnam. Been a busy week so sorry for the late post. Will have plenty of new and juicy tales in the next Weekly post this Sunday.

Vietnam (VN): HoChiMinh City (HCMC)
This blog contains information gathered during a visit to HCMC May
21-25, 2006. Overall, VN was a great experience. I hope you will find
this information useful if you decide to take a trip yourself. More
information on HCMC can be found at http://www.saigoninsideout.com and
http://www.elephantguide.com/saigon/saigon.htm .

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