More 101 – Try Tulip…

Total newbies stare off the Balcony into Nana Plaza and sometimes ask a very simple question – tell me how it all work. Sounds generic enough but I get what they mean – they need to have the scene broken down for them in simple terms. I usually try to do my best and frankly always enjoy giving this answer since it helps me to remember how amazing it all really is.

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So many questions…

I know. There are countless columns, blogs, and websites devoted to talking about Thailand, the nightlife, the women, the food and so on. I am not here to say that one more is needed but hey – I am in Thailand, I have some experiences, I run a business in Thailand(you could say right in ground zero), I like to write and I am tethered to the net. So I guess what I am saying is – I just have to do this.

There are lots of sites out there that I read and use to keep myself up to date but I usually do not find them written in such a way that I enjoy, written in a condescending tone or I find the information to be totally second-hand, meaning – the writer is consolidating information from multiple sources. I tend to find some of the best written to stuff to be in forums – here is one example of some candid but interested writing. Sf Redbook International Forums. This is straight from the hip confessions of experiences written but someone who knows how to write and is not afraid of saying what he really is feeling. Great stuff.

So here we go. Read it, condemn it, comment on it – whatever u feel like doing since that is the purpose of it all anyway.