Reader Submissions

Reader Submissions are the essence of this blog. If you want to share your experiences with the community here, please email with your submission.

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If it fits, we’ll publish. FYI, Mango Unchained is the guest author name for all reader submissions where the author does not have a proper user name for the blog.

For those who want to claim their post please send in your preference for a user name along with your submission.

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2 thoughts on “Reader Submissions”

  1. Graham, I don’t recall seeing the feature where I could request my user name preference. Perhaps I can request now that you reserve ‘rayyar’ for me.


    1. Rayyar – what this means is – if you submit a post, then please let me know your username if you want it no not be anonymous.

      You will always be Rayyar! 😉

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