The Telephone Manner

A Thai cellphone, yesterday
A Thai cellphone, yesterday

Ask any of Thailand’s old-timer farangs what’s been responsible for the biggest changes in the scene over the past decade or so, and the answer will usually be the same. Cellphones.

Every time a Thai girl hooks up with a farang, a yippon or even another Thai, if they’re suitably impressed then the exchange of cellphone numbers is inevitable.

Obviously there are huge advantages (and disadvantages) on both sides, but there’s no denying the massive impact that the cellphone revolution has had here in Bangkok.

But by golly, they have no manners at all.

I’ve seen girls taking calls while dancing onstage in gogo bars. I’ve had one answer the phone while we were having sex – my reaction was, of course, to quicken and harden the pace, so that Somchai (or whoever) knew precisely what she was up to.

Recently, the crazy gik has finally found someone to make an honest woman of her. Looks like she’s off to Norway with her new beau. I’ll miss her admirable enthusiasm for horizontal jogging, but I was never going to make her my girlfriend, and was always honest with her on that front.

Still, she could have let me down a little more gently. Here’s the SMS I received:

Nex week my boyfriend come and nex month we go to norway together sorry and bye never see you again

Did I just win the utterly unsubtle dumping by text message crown for 2007?