Gratuitous Dancing Girls

I’ve got a ton of material in the pipeline, but they’re all going to be longer posts, and I’m way too busy to write them today.

So here’s some footage of a foam party somewhere in Pattaya to tide you over…

Empty Handed

Empty hands, yesterday
Empty hands, yesterday

Just to redress the balance, I’ll post a quick story on how – despite my best efforts – sometimes events can conspire against us. It doesn’t happen very often though…

The Party

I was at a party in a hotel suite in the wee small hours of the morning a few weeks ago, with a ton of booze, some pals and a gaggle of gogo girls, all from the same bar.

I’d been to said bar several times, and had drunk with a few of them – I just hadn’t barfined any of them before. So we all knew each other, more or less, the booze was flowing, the music was pumping, and the clothes were gradually being shed.

I’ve always been quite picky about girls. Back in the UK, that meant I didn’t get laid very often. Here in Thailand, it means I usually only get sleep with extremely attractive women. Anyway, I’ve always aimed high. So I’ve certainly experienced my fair share of rejection in years gone by. It just doesn’t happen round here very often.

I’d got my eye on the cutest of the five gogo girls. Even though she’d been practically begging me to barfine her last time I was in her bar, she just wasn’t interested. Her pals were less cute, but equally aloof. It seemed they were enjoying dancing around the suite in a state of undress far too much to contemplate stopping any time soon – not even to accompany me back to Bad Boy Towers. Me! The cheek of it.

Street Meat

Dejected and dismayed, I figured that rejection on five counts was quite sufficient for one night, and left the party. On my way to grab a taxi, I miraculously bumped into one of the hottest gogo girls in Bangkok – she’d been on my “to do” list for some time, but I’d always been “just visiting” when she’s been available in her bar.

“Hey, I go with you!”, she beamed.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”, said I.

“No, I joking you. I have customer already. See you”.

Adding Insult to Injury

Enraged, I walked the length of the Miracle Mile in search of an acceptable bed-partner for the night. Nada. Nothing.

I took a cab home alone. The chubby security guard grinned at me as I walked in, and said “Ha ha, you no have lady tonight”.

I considered killing him, but decided against it.